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Elect Leigh Lenzmeier for Stearns County Commissioner
Leigh Lenzmeier

I believe in:

  • Programs to nurture and protect our children
  • Services for elderly and other facing adverse conditions or challenges
  • Fiscal responsibility that protects taxpayers
  • Government accountability that promotes best practices
  • Decisions based on what is best for all residents
  • Public safety that provides for needed resources and supports enforcement of laws
  • Environmental protection through planned growth and preservation.
  • Use of technology to improve efficiencies, enhance communication
    and provide better services for residents.


I am honored to serve as your Stearns County Commissioner.” – Leigh Lenzmeier

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies” – Groucho Marx

Take a look at this great video of the art in the Stearns County Courthouse –Historic Courthouse Art Video

Leigh Lenzmeier


Spouse/business partner: Alice (60)
Sons: Dominic (41), Luke (deceased), Conrad (23), Charlie (21)
Daughter: Alison (20)

About Leigh Lenzmeier

My real estate career began in 1980. In 1984 I started Lenzmeier Real Estate Services after finishing an M.B.A. at St. Cloud State and earning a brokers license. My major emphasis always has been commercial appraisal in greater Minnesota. I taught real estate courses part time during the 80’s, became a licensed appraiser, earned the SR/WA designation of the International Right of Way Association in 1991 and have been an associate with the Appraisal Institute for several years.

Since the late 80’s I have developed a specialty working for and against entities with the power of eminent domain, including testimony at commissioner’s hearings and trials. My largest client by dollar volume in 1997 and 2001 was the Minnesota Department of Transportation. I had a three year nonexclusive contract with MNDoT. I work for several area banks.

In the mid 1980’s I was appointed to the St. Cloud Parking Commission, the Stearns County Planning Commission and was elected to the Stearns County Board in 1990 (Chair in 1993, 2003 and 2009). I’ve worked with almost every type of commercial property in greater Minnesota, including subsidized housing, agribusiness/processing, farms, residential/commercial subdivisions, retail, industrial, and apartments.

I’ve completed numerous analyses of properties gifted outright to charitable and government entities or involved in bargain sales. In each case IRS Form 8283, titled Noncash Charitable Contributions, was completed with the analysis subject to IRS review. Litigation support continues to increase.

Local attorneys (320 area code) I have worked with include: Keith F. Hughes of Quinlivan & Hughes, phone # 251-1414, Kurt A. Deter of Rinke-Noonan, phone # 251-6700, and Lee W. Hanson of Gray, Plant, Mooty, phone # 252-4414, Kurt A. Deter and Igor Lenzner of Rinke-Noonan, Phone # 21-6700, and Lee W. Hanson of Gray, Plante, Mooty, Phone # 2524414. In 2012 I was named to the Board of Directors, Minnesota Real Estate Foundation. On 2/26/13 Governor Dayton appointed me to second term on the Public Employees Retirement Association board. In 2013-14 I was licensed in North Dakota.

The Press

Leigh Lenzmeier's Parents

The Morrill Act was proposed in 1857 and was passed by Congress in 1859, but it was vetoed by President James Buchanan. In 1861, Morrill resubmitted the act with the amendment that the proposed institutions teach military tactics as well as engineering and agriculture. Aided by the secession of many states that did not support the plans, this reconfigured Morrill Act was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on July 2, 1862.  (The University of Minnesota is a Land Grant University.)

The Merrill Act granted each state 30,000 acres of land for each member it had in Congress. Ninety percent of the gross proceeds were to be used for the endowment and maintenance of colleges and universities teaching agricultural and mechanical arts and other subjects. Two supplementary acts in 1890 and 1907 made direct financial grants to assist the land-grant colleges and universities. 

View entire article here.

What Drives County Spending?

derrickFrom the day one is born a relationship with the county begins. At birth, the county begins a record of life and will not close it until a death certificate is signed and probate completed. In between, the need for county services continues daily.

If born poor, orphaned or addicted, the county cares for those and, if necessary, helps to find them a home. If someone is a victim of cruel parents, the county tries to protect the child. If a victim of crime, the county prosecutes the criminal and assures that the criminal is fairly represented in court. If elderly, the county tries to help folks stay at home by providing home health care and homemaker services.

The county disposes of waste, maintains roads and parks, provides public health care, manages the jail and correctional services and provides a host of other services too numerous to list here.

Most of these services are provided because higher levels of government demand that the county government provide them. Mandates cost money. Unfortunately, the property tax is the only major source of funding counties have and, with the continuing loss of state and federal funding to pay for these mandated services, counties must increase their reliance on the property tax.

Want more responsible local government spending? Tell counties where to cut. Protecting children? Serving the elderly? Jailing criminals? Disposing of waste?

Educated in Minnesota


  • 31 years business owner of Lenzmeier Real Estate Services of St. Cloud

  • Graduate, St. Cloud State University

  • MBA degree, BA degree in economics

  • University adjunct faculty member

  • Real Estate Appraisal and Brokerage licenses

  • Completion of real estate advanced coursework & examinations

  • Urban Land Institute


A Proven Commissionerdistrictmap

Leigh Lenzmeier Represents:

Townships of: Fairhaven and Lynden
Cities of: Clearwater, St. Augusta, and St. Cloud, Ward 1, Precinct 1; Ward 1, Precinct 2; Ward 1, Precinct 3; Ward 1, Precinct 7; Ward 1, Precinct 8; Ward 4, Precinct 6; Ward 4, Precinct 7; Ward 4, Precinct 8; and Ward 4, Precinct 9.

See County Map

Professional Associations/Charitable Service

  • County Board Chair 1993 & 2003
  • Former WACOSA board of directors
  • Past president, St. Cloud Financial Planners Society
  • Young Advisory Council, Society of Real Estate Appraisers
  • Stearns County Planning Commission
  • Vice Chair, Central Business District Parking Commission
  • Preservation Alliance of Minnesota
  • MN Farm Managers and Appraisers, Inc.
  • Central Minnesota Mental Health Board
  • Stearns County Dairy Advisory Committee
  • St. Cloud Regional Airport Advisory Committee


Support Leigh Lenzmeier


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  • Service club speaking engagements
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  • Coffee parties
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