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Dear Neighbor,

I have always represented the best interests of the people of Stearns County. As I’ve spoken to many of you throughout the campaign season, your concerns and insights have been appreciated. Now it is time for me to ask for your vote once again as County Commissioner. I was raised in St. Augusta, with strong family ties to agriculture, business and the environment. I have owned Lenzemeier Real Estate Services for 32 years and earned an MBA from St. Cloud State University. As County Commissioner, I have spearheaded programs designed to:

• Hold government accountable and improve efficiency

• Promote good paying jobs

• Provide for appropriate social services

• Ensure that programs for public safety are in place

I have worked hard to keep spending in line, protect our environment and foster rural values with urban development. Please allow me to continue to represent Stearns County and finish the hard work we’ve started. Vote November 8th for Leigh Lenzemeier, Stearns County Commissioner.


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